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The magic that is cuticle oil

We all now that we should be using cuticle oil regularly but might struggle to remember or really see the importance of it

firstly it is important to remember that our hands and fingers are the part of the body that probably gets the most day to day use and abuse! we use out hands for practically everything we do, so why not take care of them

Why should you care?

So you go to the salon and you spend your money and time getting your nails nicely done, they look great and your so happy with the result. Don't you want to get as much wear out of them as possible?

by using it regularly (recommended twice a day daily) you will notice your nails getting stronger, growing longer, getting a nice pinky colour, neater cuticles, less hang nails, less cracking of skin.

Here is the thing about gel - it only really like to stick well to strong healthy nails! yes it is totally true. when your nails are dry, weak and bendy the gel doesn't have as strong a bond with the nails as it should and you tend to get lifting and cracking much sooner.

Nail are porous and therefore absorb water which causes them to swell, that can cause the gel to separate from the nails.

Cuticle oil is the perfect counter treatment for that as it will repel the water meaning your nails don't swell and dehydrate from the water.

Our nails (like our skin) are sensitive to temperature changes, they can swell and shrink with the temp changes which can weaken them and cause gel to lift, cuticle oil is perfect to protecting the nails and keeping them strong and healthy which will allow that gel to stay on for longer.

'I keep forgetting to use it' - I hear you saying

the best way to remember is to turn it into part of your routine

Don't shove your cuticle oil into a draw and hope to remember, cos that never works.

Instead find somewhere to put it what will turn it into an inseparable part of your routine.

For example;

Do you brush your teeth everyday? place it next to your tooth brush and make it part of your brushing routine (e.g. brush, dry hands, put cuticle oil on, go to bed)

Do you wear makeup every day? put it in your makeup bag and put it on after every time you finish putting your makeup on or taking it off

Do you drive a lot? have it in the car next to the driver sit where it is visible (e.g. get in the car, put sit belt on, apply cuticle oil, drive off)

Do you cook a lot? have it in the kitchen next to the sink

These are just a few examples but the main point is that it has to become part of a routine in order for it to become a daily must

and I promise you that you will notice your nails thanking you

I decided to try growing my nails out without any gels or products on and only using cuticle oil. The photo shows my nails after a few weeks of daily cuticle oil use and I am holding the cuticle oil stick that I retail and recommend to all my clients. It does an amazing job and is a brush on pen which makes in amazing to take with anywhere and small enough to fit in your bag, pocket, draw etc and completely spill free as the amount that comes it is controlled. This also meant you dont use too much and it lasts you longer

Want to start taking care of your nails? You can purchase this really cute cuticle oil pen from me for only £5 and either pick up from me (Prestwich based) or I am happy to do local deliveries and drop it off to you (Prestwich/salford area)

Lots of love


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