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How to correctly clean under those nails

So you walked out of the salon with those perfectly manicured nails, they are clean and beautiful and you want it to last.

Then day-to-day gets in the way and the dirt can easily build up under those nails

So how on earth do you keep them clean and looking fresh without causing damage to those nails or that gel manicure you want to preserve?


1) do not leave it until your next appointment and let the dirt build up. firstly it can be annoying and uncomfortable and doesn't look nice, but secondly it is not hygienic and can cause bacteria growth and damage to nails long term

2) do not use the tips of your nails to pick under the nails as it can damage the gel and cause lifting on the tips of the nails. The pressure on the tip of the nails can also cause the nails to crack/break

3) do not use a sharp or pointy tools to pick out the dirt. It is dangerous and can damage the skin under the nails as well as push the dirt further in..


4) prevention is better then the cure - wear gloves when doing any form of activity that involves water/food/dirt/chemicals/lint/etc to prevent any dirt from accumulating under those nails

5) Clean regularly so there is no buildup and the dirt is still fresh and soft so it is easy to remove

6) Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for a few minutes (warm-not hot) so they are moist (you can do it while in shower), and then gently scrub under the nails using a manicure brush to remove any dirt

7) Water dehydrates the nails and skin so next you want to be applying cuticle oil. Cuticle oil should be used daily to increase the gel's longevity and prolong that fresh salon look, it will ensure the skin around the nails is soft and hydrated which can help reduce dirt from sticking to those nails and skin under the nails

7.5) and of course don't forget to book in for your maintenance appointment at the salon to ensure strong and healthy nails and tidy cuticles. Make sure your nail tech cares about your nail health and follow all their aftercare advise

If you have any questions or want to add something I might have missed feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch directly

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