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Inspo for your next set of nails

One of the biggest challenges right before or at a nail appointment is nail inspo

What colour should I choose? what shape? length? style? design? and so on...

That blank you get when you sit down and look at all those colours to choose from

Believe me I get it every single time I need to redo my nails

Here are a 7 places to look for inspo:

1) The season - different seasons are associated with different colours and if you cannot pick what to go for than a seasonal set is always a good choice

2) Your skin tone - different skin tones will suite different colours better, for example I have a bit of a darker, lightly tanned skin tone and so pale colours do not suite me, I suite the darker and deeper colours.

3) Whats in - if you like to keep up with trends then check whats in style and whats trending at the time, you can do that by checking out social media, google, Pinterest and asking people around you, also feel free to ask me when you come for your appointment.

4) Your surrounding - look around you, I sometimes get inspiration for a design from simple things around the house like a flowery top, a patterned table clothes, a styled mug, an elegant necklace, etc. I once saw a car with a stunning unique colour and decided that it would be the colour of my next set of nails (true story), I also saw a gorgeous little flower in the summer so I dried it and used it on my nails for a set. You get the idea, you can really get creative with the day to day things around you.

5) The reason - think about whether there is an occasion coming up, you might want to match your nails to a specific dress, shoes, bag, colour-themed event, etc. Think why you are having your nails done and how you can make them relevant for that occasion.

6) Who cares - at the end of the day you can pick what ever you want, no one really cares what you pick and they will for sure complement you whatever you choose. But remember that you are doing them for YOU and despite the season, trend and occasion you need to choose something you will absolutely love and be excited about

7) Trend setter - Come up with your own unique style and explore different options, remember to have fun

Let me know in the comments if that helps and if there are any other points you would have included in that list

Much love


Prestwich Beauty Salon

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